Sharing a border with France to the west, Switzerland to the north, and piemonte to the east and south, Valle d'Aosta is the smallest and least densely populated region in Italia. As a region with strong cultural influences from both France and Switzerland, Valle d'Aosta is one of Italia's 5 autonomous regions, with both French and Italian recognized as official languages.

A memorable way to experience Valle d’ Aosta is a funivia (cable car) ride to the top of Europe’s highest peak, Monte Bianco-Mont Blanc.  Options are varied, but the trip averages less than 2 hours. Starting at La Palud, the cable car station on the Italian side, in 20 minutes you are lifted to the French-Italian border at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

The regional capital is in Aosta, with all regional administration performed there, as there are no provincial divisions in Valle d'Aosta. Aosta was founded by the Romans in the 1C. BC as an outpost to secure the mountain passes into the Alps. Today travelers can walk through the Roman theater and the triumphal arch built in honor of Caesar Augustus.

Principle cities beyond the regional capital include Donnas, Saint-Vincent, and Courmayeur. The alpine range which forms the Valle 'dAosta include the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa (second highest mountain in the Alps-Western Europe), and Monte Bianco, the highest mountain in the Alps-Western Europe.

The dramatic alpine geography makes this relatively small region a top draw for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountaineering. Tourism is a strong suite in Valle d'Aosta due to the valley's striking natural beauty and low development. Courmayeur, at the foot of Monte Bianco-Mont Blanc is one of Europe's most renowned ski destinations in winter, and a favorite of serious, hiking enthusiasts in summer.

Cervinia (6581 ft.) is another superb alpine resort located at the base of the Matterhorn-Monte Cervino (14,692 ft.). Some of the area ski runs are longer than 12 miles (22.5 km), and start in one country and end in another. Monte Rosa (15,207 ft.) offers another premier skiing and mountaineering destination.