The ETI Personalized Travel Portfolio (PTP™) development process begins with a thorough understanding of your experience and aspirations in Italia.


PTP™ design and development is completed in three-phases, the ETI Discovery, Dreaming and Development (ETI 3D™) business process:

Discovery - Familiarizing the ETI client with the PTP™, while gaining a detailed understanding of essential PTP™ planning parameters.

Dreaming-As ETI presents regional travel options, the selection of both scheduled and optional itinerary elements, creates the framework for your Personalized Travel Portfolio.

Development-The PTP™ is polished and enhanced to create the unique travel-Italia experience desired. The Development Phase continues until the client is totally satisfied with their customized PTP™.

Through the Discovery, Dreaming, and Development (ETI 3D™)
ocess ETI creates a 12-section, customized Personalized Travel Portfolio (PTP™):

I The PTP™ Development Process
II Dreaming Your Travel-Vision into Focus
III Essential PTP™ Decisions
IV Pre-Departure Planning and Preparations
V Transportation
VI Lodging: Hotels, Villas, Agriturismos, etc...


VII Tours, Cultural Events, Special Opportunities
VIII Regional Culinary Delights: La Cucina Italiana
IX Regional Shopping Italiana
X Health, Safety, and Security
XI Return Planning
XII Capturing Reflections: Next Time