The cultural depth of Italia is almost too much to comprehend.  Located in the central Mediterranean, at the nexus of Europe, Asia and Africa, the treasures of the orient flowed west to Italia along the Silk Road and through the maritime city-states, of Genoa, Pisa, Amalfi and Venice.  The artists and artisans of today’s Italia carry forward world-class excellence in leather, porcelain, performing arts such as opera and ballet (both are art forms initiated in the Renaissance), music, the culinary arts, and much more. 

You can indulge in opera in the oldest opera house in Europe (and one of the most beautiful) the San Carlo (Napoli), or perhaps the most famous, La Scala, in Milan. The Venetian Carnivale has been revived and reveals special insight into the soul of La Serenissima, Venice. The annual, bareback horserace in Siena, the Palio, a fierce competition between Sienese neighborhood districts, contrade, transports you to a time when Siena rivaled Florence for wealth and prominence.  Avanti! (Let’s go!)

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