ETI products and services are designed to ensure you travel exceptionally well! Fortunately, no 21st Century traveler must endure the challenges of a Cristobol Colombo, or Marco Polo, however, extreme weather and the unforeseen still intrude.

This is where the ETI PTPTM delivers exceptional value for the client. After a thorough, interactive exchange during the pre-travel process (ETI 3DTM: Discovery, Dreaming and Deciding), travelers depart for Italia with a highly-personalized balance of reservations and alternatives. The PTPTM presents primary and associated opportunities tailored to both the region and the traveler.

Following an initial, complimentary Personalized Travel Portfolio demonstration, those interested in creating their own PTPTM agree to participate in an 8-hour ETI investment that yields a Personalized Travel Portfolio. Further PTPTM customization is at the discretion of the client.