Delivering excellence in the development of your Personalized Travel Portfolio (PTP™) is the mission of ETI.

Exclusively focused on the 20 regions in Italia (Abruzzi to Veneto), ETI demonstrates total commitment to the travel-Italia experience.

PTP™ Developers know and understand Italia as both travelers and residents. This background includes childhood in Italia, and adults, living and working in Italia.

ETI leverages professional planning expertise while allowing generous opportunity for artistic creativity in PTPTM development.

ETI portfolios gently guide travelers through cultural immersion in a pleasant and enriching manner. Acknowledging travel as the great school of life, ETI brings decades of travel-Italia experience to your PTPTM.

Respecting that each ETI client is unique, the PTP™ design process is focused on customization. Each element of the 12-section PTPTM is tailored in consideration of the unique preferences of your travel party.

Each Personalized Travel Plan is meticulously tailored to enhance client satisfaction. Creative portfolio design allows for changing weather, energy levels and unanticipated discovery.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and exceed your expectations, as ETI delivers extraordinary travel - Italia experiences.

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